Your Kingdom Come

30 Nov

When Jesus Christ said this He was reaffirming once more that the kingdom of God is not just some spiritual realm to come, but was a real kingdom that He was bringing on earth. It is a spiritual and physical reality, this is clearly seen when Jesus said “Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” (emphasis mine). When Jesus came, He came as a king – remember how Scripture accounts king Herod killing all the boys 2 years old and under in hopes of slaying the new born king of Israel? Jesus even blatantly told the Jews that the kingdom of God was right in their midst.


Yet, in balance with this, we also are told to pray, “Your kingdom come…” so although the kingdom of God was instituted in the first advent of Jesus Christ, it was not brought in it’s fullness. We are to take part in the kingdom advancement. As we go out into the world, we are to bring Christ and His kingdom with us. This takes us back to calling God – our Father. We follow His command. As He sent Jesus into the world – the Kingdom bringer – so we have been sent into the world. This means we are to be kingdom bearers.


What does this look like for us? Look at Jesus. He came into a world, not just tainted, but absolutely consumed with sin – the very thing He hated. He was surrounded by evil at every turn. He welcomed the sinners, the tax collectors and prostitutes. He fed the hungry, healed the sick, helped the poor AND preached the gospel to them all. Evangelism and the addressing of social issues – Jesus took them both in hand as they are both on the kingdom agenda. In doing kingdom work, we are not to exclude either one over the other. We, as kingdom-bearers, are called to face sin head on (as well as the effects of sin) through the power of The Holy Spirit and advance the cause of Jesus Christ in this world. We are to hold true to our commitment in calling God our Father, keeping our eyes trained on Him and go about walking in the same manner as our LORD Jesus – carrying the kingdom banner wherever we go.


So how exactly does this look like for you, personally? Ask The Father.





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