Daily Bread

01 Dec

Briefly, I’d like to mention two things concerning the request for bread that our LORD has commanded us to pray.

We are to look to God for our daily sustenance – physical and spiritual. Jesus Christ is the bread of life and we are to live our life desperately needing to “feed” on Him daily. Just as the disciples has to go back to Jesus to get more bread to disburse to the more than 5,000 people seated around awaiting their lunch, so we must go to Jesus for our daily spiritual food. Yet, we are not to loose sight of the very real necessity of physical sustenance. Something Jesus has been doing through this entire prayed is inextricably linking the physical and the spiritual. God is concerned with both. He has created man a physically spiritual being, a spiritually physical being. The Greeks held to a dualistic mindset that relegate the spiritual as superior to the physical. Sometimes even to the point that physical was evil. Jesus is negating that idea, telling us to call God “Father” and work with Him in bringing His heavenly kingdom to really bear on the earth. He then tells us to ask God for daily bread.

Jesus, having shown us what bringing that kingdom looks like, also fed the poor (one instance has been referenced already in the feeding of the 5,000). So as we ask God to give us our daily bread, both physical and spiritual, we should be mindful of those in the world who do not have that bread. We should ask God to provide for them, and seek to be used of Him to bring them that bread, both physical and spiritual.


The majority of the world lives with no bread on a consistent basis. They lack life giving sustenance – physical and spiritual. Have you asked your Father what He would have you do about it?


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