Deliver us from evil

03 Dec

The last phrase I want to bring attention to in the prayer (again, I said this would not be exhaustive, I just wish to spur contemplation over phrases that we many times overlook) is the request Jesus tells us to make concerning our deliverance from evil.


Most of us Christians live our lives in such a way as to never really come into contact with the lost, at least not in the way Jesus did. The only encounter we have is by knocking on a door and speaking for a few minutes or at work, but then we don’t really talk to them at work. We tell them not to curse around us, so they tend to avoid us also. We don’t eat lunch with them for fear of being tainted by their evil, or lest someone see us with them and then we may be thought to be like them. Yet Jesus lived in a way completely antithetical to this mentality, and then told us to pray that God deliver us from evil.


Here’s the only thing I wish to say about this phrase. If we are kingdom bearers like our Savior, if we reflect our Father as He did, then we are going to be surrounded by people who live their life completely opposed to God’s kingdom. We are going to love people who are swimming in iniquity and love it. We are going to be tempted to soften their sin at the expense of friendship. We will be placed in circumstances that can get somewhat uncomfortable. As we go out, into the world – in it, but not of it – we are faced with temptation, we are staring evil in the face and we are told by Jesus to cry out “deliver us from evil”.


If we aren’t living a life that requires us to ask God for this protection then we aren’t living like Jesus. Being people who reflect Jesus Christ to the world will require us to pray the LORD’s prayer.


May these brief thoughts encourage you to follow the Savior more closely as we bear His prayer in our hearts and take it on our lips.


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