A Post for Pondering

13 Dec

How Christocentric is your theology?

Let me put it another way, as it was put to me. A godly man summed up C.S. Lewis’ words in saying that if truth were a thing then one could understand the aquisition of it, but when truth is a Person it’s an entirely different thing. So the question isn’t can you take your theological package and show how you can place Jesus at the center of it. I’m asking you if the truth you claim to hold to more an abstract system you give assent to, so that you can say you have grasped biblical truth? Of is it a living relationship with The Truth – Jesus the Messiah?   As Christocentric as you may think the particular theological banner you fly is, if it’s merely cerebral it’s not Christocentric.

The same target from a different angle: When you say you are pursuing truth, what is it that you picture: discovering a list of theological ideas to which you can sign your name at the bottom, or sitting at the feet of Jesus?


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