Imitation Tuesdays

28 Dec

   Beginning the new year, I intend to institute “Imitation Tuesdays”. Every Tuesday I will post a section from “The Imitation of Christ”. This nearly 600 year old work is attributed to Thomas a’ Kempis (ca. 1380 – 25 July 1471), a Catholic monk affiliated with “The Brothers of the Common Life”. I say “attributed” as the oldest manuscript of The Imitation doesn’t bear the name of any author. Through the years about 25 different “authors”have been attached to the The Imitation, but Thomas wins out due to the literary style, Dutch idioms, and the preponderance of the modern devotion that was so apparent to The Brotherhood of the Common Life that the work contains.

The version I will be using is a translation from Latin to English by Richord Whitford in 1530 that has been edited by Harold C Gardiner, S.J. – copyright 1955.

This monk, venerated by the Church of England and yet to be declared a Saint by the Roman Catholic Chruch, displayed a passion for The LORD that we should all desire to be consumed with. May these “Imitation Tuesdays” be a challenge to us and may God use it to draw us closer to Himself.



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