Chasing the Moon

12 Jan

Okay, I watched Despicable Me with my boys last night as it just hit RedBox yesterday. It’s a cute movie, and was a great way to express the fact that we are relational beings.

Gru was on a quest to be the world’s best villain, but deeper than that, he had a childhood dream to fly to the moon. He obtained 3 orphan girls as part of his scheme to obtain a shrink ray so he could not only fly to the moon, but shrink it and take it home. He had developed a plan that literally promised him the moon, and he succeed! He had the moon in his hands! But something had happened, the girls had shown him love and he responded in love. The girls were in danger and Gru traded the moon for the three little ones.

You know what’s so profound about this little story? Why it touches our hearts. Our entire culture is consumed with obtaining things. I deal with people on a daily basis who can’t afford their mortgage payments because they keep spending their money to buy other things that are not a necessity of life. They have an insatiable desire and somehow think they are owed whatever pet luxury they have a hankering for. There are men who are working their life away to have nice possessions or be considered successful and their families are practically fatherless. And along comes Despicable Me – a story of a man who obtained the moon and traded it all for the love of three little children. A man who realized that possessions don’t hold a candle to relationships. We are relational beings, and we are created for a relationship with our Maker. We try to fill this with other things, refusing to be bound by the yoke of committing to recklessly loving our God. Instead, we trade His easy yoke for one that takes us to the grave. Either way we will commit to something, either way we bind ourselves to something, we promise our love to something. Like a man who refuses to marry as he doesn’t want to give up his joys of freedom, is incapable of enjoying the joys that come with marriage. Either decision is a yoke that binds us to it, and keeps us from other things.

So how is it that as one watches Despicable Me they all agree that he made the right choice? Why is it that we all sympathize with Gru and, if he had not surrendered the moon,would have called him an insensitive, despicable, self-centered, jerk? What is it that causes us to not view those little cartoon children as a mere nuisance, as one would an ant that must be squashed before he gets into my sweet tea glass?

The Creator of you and the moon desires a relationship with you and gave more than the moon to show His love for you. The Creator became flesh and He took the sin of the world on Himself and carried it to the grave. Jesus, God incarnate, took our sins upon himself and all the wrath they brought – full force – and He absorbed it all so that we might live. God did this that He might be just and the One who justifies him who has faith in Christ Jesus.

Are you still chasing the moon?

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