Confessions – I’ve been living a lie

24 Jan

The past 24 hours have brought much thought concerning my time. In Life Group (which is essentially a contemporary name for Sunday School), we are going through a curriculum called “kingdom Challenge”. We are in the middle of discussing our time and how we spend it. God came down heavy on me in the class this past Sunday. The questions of do we really believe our time is God’s and do we really believe our time is short kept haunting me through the entire discussion time. I knew that I had given lip service in the affirmative to both of those questions, yet have been living a lie. The illustration that kept coming to mind was how I use to be with my time when I was in my “workout” phase.

I would plan everything around my workout. I would make sure I would eat certain foods at certain times. I read articles to make sure I chose the most effective exercises, for the most effective line-up, and the most effective reps. I even constantly checked my progress. See, I knew my time in the gym was short and I wanted to utilize every second of it to squeeze the maximum amount of benefit I could from my never-long-enough hour. I would go to sleep preparing myself to get up and go in the morning. I had the routine down to formula, even had my clothes laid out and/or packed so I could shower and head directly into work allowing me a few more minutes of weight time. All this budgeting of my time was essential so as to not waste any and get the maximum results on the shortest amount of time.


But when it came to God’s kingdom, I haven’t been planning like that. I was the spiritual equivalent of walking into the gym with no plan, and no real point other than try to do some sort of exercise. People who walk around the gym with that attitude don’t build muscle or lose weight, they just waste time , become even more overweight, and look foolish. This is what I saw happening to me and my family. We have been letting time pass us buy. Sure were were at church, and we said we wanted to give God glory in what we did; but there was no plan on exactly HOW we intended to do that. I have not been seeing my time as short, nor the importance of using it to accomplish the goal my Master has given me. I shamefully realized that I had given more thought to shaping my body than I had in serving the Messiah and furthering His kingdom.


Humbling and sobering. May God continue to teach me to number my days, and truly live them by the truth that they are all His anyway.

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