TIOC 1:4

25 Jan

That Easy Credence is not to be Given to Words


It is not good, truly, to believe ever word or impression that comes; they ought to be pondered and considered advisedly and leisurely, so that Almighty God might not be offended through our fickleness. But alas, for sorrow, we are so frail that we quickly believe evil of others sooner than good. Nevertheless, perfect men are not so ready to give credence, for they well know that the frailty of man is more prone to evil than to good, and that he is very unstable in words. It is great wisdom, therefore, not to be hasty in our feeds, not to trust much in our own wits, not readily to believe every tale, no to show straightway to others all that we hear or believe.

Always take counsel of a wise man, and desire to be instructed and governed by others rather than to follow you own ingenuity. A good life makes a man wise toward God and instructs him in many things a sinful man will never feel or know. The more humble a man is in himself and the more obedient he is to God, the more wise and peaceful will he be in everything he will have to do.

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