The reason I’m not actually posting today:

04 Feb

Okay, to be quote honest I was going to work on my post for today and saw a video of a debate on the KJV-only issue. I couldn’t resist. I clicked play and the next hour and a half I was glued to my laptop screen.

I had every intention of addressing another of my friend’s questions on the church, but I failed to stay on course and didn’t want to offer something half-baked to those who visit R&M – you guys/girls deserve much more than that as does the topic I intended to cover.

I hope my friend will find it in herself to forgive me, she knows me well as we’ve been friends since youth and forgiving me for something is nothing novel to her. (I actually think I am the one that has taught her experientially the meaning of Matthew 18:21-22.)

So, know that I’ve confessed why I failed to actually post what I intended to, I shall shift the blame to the video and throw James White under the bus!

PS. no matter which side of the KJV fence you are on, this is a video that is very much worth watching. It’s long, but very good.

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