A Prayer Request and a Testimony to Share with You

22 Feb

I am becoming a bit inundated with all of my responsibilities at the moment and am struggling with giving them all the time they require/deserve. As I am continuing my education, it is taking much of my time. Due to this I have decided to not post daily as it would either require me to post material that is way below second rate and not worth reading, or it would cause me to give up time needed to properly fulfill what is required of me concerning my class work. My posting schedule will be less structured for a while.

I ask that you pray for me as I am still trying to get a schedule that works. (Staying up until 2:00 every morning isn’t conducive to long life or remaining employed.) So please pray God to give me strength, wisdom, clarity of thought, and speed in completing my tasks and grasping the information needed. Pray for my family as they are required to relinquish some time with me as I go about seeking to further my education to better prepare me to serve The LORD.


Now, I do not want this to be a post where I derive benefit from you. I offer you something I have recently read to hopefully spur some thought on the reality of evil, the activity of the enemy that still goes on in the world today, and how hurting people are looking anywhere and everywhere for answers – no matter how ludicrous those answers may be. The point is not to put fear in your heart that things like this goes on or cause you to focus on the devil and his work in a morbid way. The purpose is to cause us to step back and realize the there are hurting people, and these hurting people are looking for answers. Satan offers them “answers” but those who bite at his bait find it unfulfilling and even more harmful than before.

Here is an account of one of those instances, and how God’s grace freed her.


Thank you for your prayers. God bless!

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One response to “A Prayer Request and a Testimony to Share with You

  1. heather joy

    February 22, 2011 at 3:15 pm

    Praying for you, Daniel.


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