29 Mar

Hey! Long time, no blog. I know, and I apologize. When I said I was going to cut back on my postings I didn’t intend for them to completely cease. I’ll try to break my blogging ice with a short thought if that’s okay.

Something I’ve been thinking about quite a bit recently is koinonia. In Scripture this term is used to describe the fellowship of the saints in breaking bread and participating in worship as well as the word used to describe community (common unity) among a group. Believers need community, or koinonia, as it strengthens them as well as permits them to serve the body of Christ. There a good probability that I will end up blogging more on this topic in the future, but I want to just briefly relay something I have noticed. I was told by an atheist friend that believers have to attend church because they are weak minded and can only survive by continually surrounding themselves with others who agree with them. This individual believes that a Christian could not hold his faith if he faced “the real world”.
Although Christianity does not need to hide from reality and it is actually the naturalist that like to exclude evidence to create its own version of “realtiy”, it is not my intentions to deal with that here. Rather I want to point out the need any worldview has for koinonia. As I have been reading and listening to lectures by scholars I have noticed that no matter what side the speaker aligns himself with he is always quoting and citing other highly respected people in the academic world that support his stance. In other words, he operates and supports his view within a group of people that have a common unity with his particular view point, whether this be a creationist, a naturalist, a theist, or an atheist. He wants to let you know that he is not alone in whatever it is he is presenting and that you will be in the company of smart men if you adopt his stance on the topic. He depends upon koinonia for his support.
Now, if the atheist wants to say that Christianity must have koinonia in order to keep its view viable, what does that mean for the naturalist? Why is it necessary to support one’s view by citing others who agree with it? Why hold meetings and conventions where people of like mind gather and share ideas and materials? Maybe koinonia isn’t for the weak but for all.

We are human and as such we need community. We tend to agree with the popular perspective, which is one reason why we say there is strength in numbers. We feel safe when we feel right, and we feel right when the majority agrees with us. Whether scientist, philosophers, Christians, etc. we desire to be accepted and respected in our communities as no one likes to be “that guy” or the odd man out.
So koinonia is not for weak, nonviable belief systems. It is absolutely necessary as it builds strength and growth among those within it, no matter what the system. This is one reason why God tells believers not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together, to encourage each other at every opportunity, and to continually be renewing our mind via His word. There are weeds and thorns (notice they also grow in bunches – their own koinonia if you will) that are constantly surrounding us. They are longing to choke the Christian worldview out. God stated it from the beginning, “It is not good for man to be alone.” (Gen. 12:18) We cannot stand alone, we are made to operate within a community.

Friends, we need koinonia!

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