The Easter Tree

01 Apr

If you think I’m pagan, just wait until you hear of the new thing my boys are all excited about – the Easter Tree! *GASP*

Yeah, that’s right! For those of you who protest the Christmas tree because of it’s possible pagan origins and detest the Easter egg due to its also being borrowed from pagan symbolism meet, the Easter Tree!


Done vilifying me? Good. Now let me explain how this hybrid tree came to fruition. My wife found this little prelit tree on sale at Hobby Lobby, and like women are with most silly seasonal décor, she bought it! She had this great idea to have a little “greenery” in the house and decorate it each month. So far our little Christmas tree has been a Valentine’s Day tree, a St. Patrick’s Day Tree (no I didn’t hang little green bottles of beer on it in case you were wondering.. although that is apparently the only thing Americans associate with St. Patty’s Day), and is now the Easter Tree.

I must confess that I am pretty excited about this little fellow as much as my children are. I realize it isn’t necessarily the most beautiful tree one has ever laid eyes on, but it’s purpose isn’t to be found in its beauty although next year’s may be more elaborate. See, we are going to use this little counterfeit conifer to exalt The Risen LORD. Here’s how… No, wait… I’m not going to tell you. You’ll have to follow along with the family if you really care to know.

God bless!



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2 responses to “The Easter Tree

  1. laylah lewis

    April 1, 2011 at 6:43 am

    its good to be able to do something the family can share over and over again

  2. heather joy

    April 1, 2011 at 8:27 am

    I LOVE this idea.

    I have a little Charlie Brown Christmas tree at work, and I decorate it EVERY month too! In fact, all during last year my co-workers were donating decorations and ornaments to hang on it. I seriously have a whole cabinet full of miniature tree decorations. 🙂

    Right now it’s decked out in pink, blue, and gree beaded garland and pastel-painted Easter Eggs. 🙂


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