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A Conversation with a Fundamentalist:

What follows is a brief encounter between an Fundamentalist (F) and a Presbyterian (P) on a Sunday afternoon while the Fundamentalist was out on visitation. 

F: If you died to day do you know where you would spend eternity?

P: Yes, heaven. 

F: How do you know that?

P: Because Jesus Christ died for my sins and rose again the third day.

F: Where do you go to church?

P: First Presbyterian Church, the oldest church in our town. 

F: That’s nice. We would love to have you visit our church!

P: I appreciate the invite, sir. Where do you attend?

F: Grace Independent Baptist Church! The only Fundamental church in our town.

P: I’ve heard of your church, your Pastor preaches on the local AM radio station doesn’t he?

F. Yes. Our pastor if a man of The Book! As a matter of fact he just preached a message this morning and mention that the KJV is the only, inerrent, inspired Word of God in English and how it is under attack in the world today. I’ll get you the tapes if you’re interested. 

P: No thank you. I am not a King James Only advocate.  Read the rest of this entry »


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Jesus is NOT…

KJV Only

Independent Fundamental Baptist (Southern Baptist, Presbyterian, or any denomination)

Affiliated with any political party (outside of His own kingship)

A Calvinist or an Arminian

Snobbish in his musical preference

Racist (yeah, He didn’t condemn marriage between different ethnic groups… take a look back through His family tree)

A Teetotaler

A Dispensationalist (He did not separate Israel and the church, He actually taught the opposite – John 10:16)

Worried about sullying His testimony by the misconceptions of others

Afraid to be a friend of sinners (I mean a real friend, not a “why not come to church with me on Sunday” friend, but a “Let’s go out to dinner and talk about life.” friend)

One to use profane speech in attempts to relate to the culture?

The list could go on, but in summary: Why do so many people claim to be followers of Jesus, yet exalt as identifying marks of a true disciple of Jesus some of the very things that Jesus is not? How can one truly be a follower of another if they are so unlike the one they say they follow?


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