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Jesus must be a White, Middle-class, Republican… right?

I recently watched a youtube video by an individual who is part of the Independent Fundamental Baptist movement and has decided to condemn what they like to call “CCM” (contemporary Christian music). He claims it’s wicked by showing pictures of how similar CCM groups look to “secular” rock musicians and bands. He also picks some extremely far out examples that are not main stream contemporary Christian music. Masses in the IFB movement screamed “FOUL!” when 20/20 did their expose on it, claiming 20/20only showed the extreme crazies that do not accurately represent the movement as a whole (personally, I think 20/20 did a pretty fair job at accurately representing the movement). Somehow they seem to have no compunction of engaging in the same type of dishonesty they condemn (most would call that hypocrisy).  Read the rest of this entry »


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The Word of God is not “The Word of God”:

I recently read a missionary letter where the man was telling how they want to make the Scriptures available to the people of the region he plans to work with in their own language. He said, “1 Peter 1:23 states, “Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth forever.” And Romans 10:17 states, “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” In modern English, If you do not have the Bible (the Word of God), you cannot see people saved. WE WANT TO SEE PEOPLE SAVED!”

I know this man personally and there is no doubt that he has a heart for people and is concerned about their eternal destiny. My question for this post concerns his view of Scripture – How accurate is he? Read the rest of this entry »


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How to be a 5 Star Christian… and still go to hell:

I attended a college where they required you purchase a journal they printed so you could take notes during the preaching. Note taking wasn’t “required” but if the pastor happened to see that you were not taking notes while he was preaching he wouldn’t hesitate to call you out on it. 
Anyway, this note taking journal always included a page on how to be a 5 Star Christian that listed these 5 things: 

– Read God’s Word 
– Pray 
– Attend church faithfully 
– Witness to the lost 
– Give (tithe) Read the rest of this entry »


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In the world of Harry Potter, there are words and phrases that bring about a specific action when said properly with wand in hand. Expelliarmus is one of these “spells”. It is used to disarm one’s opponent by expelling their wand from their hand, and Harry uses it to deflect a curse Voldemort fires at him during a battle. Again, the trick for these spells to work is that they must be uttered properly (with the right emphasis, emotion, and in the proper language) and with wand in hand. Only then will the desired result is brought about. Read the rest of this entry »

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Unconditional Love:

Unconditional It is defines as “not limited by conditions; absolute: “
   This adjective is often attached to the love of God. So often, in fact, that I think we have actually forgotten what that means. In our minds, somehow, we hear the phrase “God’s unconditional love” and interpret it to mean “God loves us a lot” or take it to mean that “once you’ve gotten in on this love, God will continue to love you.” Whatever we take it to mean we balk at it even remotely meaning what it really does mean: That God loves you just like you are! He doesn’t love you for what you could be. He doesn’t love you because of what you will accomplish one day. He loves you now! Before any repentance is shown on your part – He loves you! He doesn’t say, “If you would like to get into my good graces then you need to repent of your adultery, drunkenness, alcoholism, anger, lying, theft, lust, greed, etc.” Read the rest of this entry »

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If Fundamentalists Ruled the World…

I was reading in Brennan Manning’s “The Ragamuffin Gospel” this morning and came to the statement, “No greater sinners exist than those so called Christians who disfigure the face of God, mutilate the gospel of grace, and intimidate others through fear. They corrupt the essential nature of Christianity.” This statement got me thinking of what things in the world would be like if Fundamentalist ruled the world. Here is a satirical list of some things that came to mind:

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