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Listen to these words…

Acts chapter two is a historical record of a phenomenal event. The promise Jesus gave when He told His followers to wait until they received power, thus enabling them to be witnesses to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the entire world (know world at that time) was finding its fulfillment at this instant! There were people from all over the known world concentrated in one place, and each was hearing the gospel being proclaimed in their own language. All observing we astounded, and some of those let their wonder find a pathetic explanation in accusations of drunkenness.

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Scandalously Wonderful:

 I was in the 3rd grade and had just received that week’s graded spelling test back. As my eyes checked each line I was thrilled as each word had a red check beside it, confirming that I had indeed spelled it correctly. All 25 were marked correct! There was just one problem, I had actually misspelled word 25 and I knew it. Somehow, my teacher had given me credit for it. As an 8 year old boy, my heart was racing. I knew I didn’t earn that 100%. I knew for me to accept it would be dishonest. I decided to inform my teacher of the mistake, knowing that doing right would still pay off as God would bless me. I figured that my teacher would see that I was honest and out of gratitude for my godliness let me keep the 100%. I walked up to her and confidently showed her the error, knowing she would let it pass and both my conscience and grade would be unscathed. She looked at the paper, marked word 25 incorrect, handed it back to me with merely a “thank you” and sent me back to my desk. I was devastated!

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Despising Love

It’s pre-bedtime, and Zechariah has decided it is time to act like Ghost Rider. Whipping his shirt-now-turned-flaming chain around above his head, he slams it on the ground an yells, “Hell Fire!” Well, that doesn’t sit too well with mom, so she tells him to stop saying that. What follows next? A shirt-spin, floor slam, and a foreboding, “Hell Fire!” Well, that wasn’t a kid merely forgetting that he had been told to stop, he just out right disregarded his mom. So I calmly called him over, let him know that he had disobeyed his mom, and disciplined him. Afterwards, I pulled him close and placed him in my lap as I was explaining to him that no one is angry with him. But he made it abundantly clear that he didn’t want to be near me. He stiffened every muscle he had and pulled away from me. I hugged him and let him go brush his teeth.

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According to My Righteousness…

The Lord judges the peoples; vindicate me, Lord, according to my righteousness and my integrity. Psalm 7:8


WOW! What a bold request! The Psalmist was pleading his case to be examined and for the Judge to declare him to be justified (in the right) base on his own actions.

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God is Patient

“Daaaaaady!” Whined the voice of my 5 year old from the back seat of the Odyssey.

“What is it, son?”

“Jeremiah tried to knock my Frisbee out of my hand.”

“Okay.”, I responded; slightly frustrated at having my conversation with my wife interrupted over an attempted Frisbee slap.

“Are you going to tell him not to do that?”

“Jeremiah, don’t do that.”

…. and all was right with the world.

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