God is Patient

05 May

“Daaaaaady!” Whined the voice of my 5 year old from the back seat of the Odyssey.

“What is it, son?”

“Jeremiah tried to knock my Frisbee out of my hand.”

“Okay.”, I responded; slightly frustrated at having my conversation with my wife interrupted over an attempted Frisbee slap.

“Are you going to tell him not to do that?”

“Jeremiah, don’t do that.”

…. and all was right with the world.

As Zechariah was bringing the injustice he suffered to my attention I thought, “how insignificant a matter to cry out to me for.” My 5 year old could have just kindly asked my 3 year old to not do that, moved his Frisbee away from him, and that would have been that. But he didn’t. Zechariah didn’t think of how he could solve it. To him, nobody had the authority to fix the situation but dad; and all dad had to do was give the word. To him, dad alone could bring justice and so he cried out, “Daaaaaady!”

As fast as all this shot through my mind, The Holy Spirit brought a portion of Scripture I had read earlier last week to mind: “God is patient…” Well, the passage actually reads, “Love is patient.”; but I had read a blog post that read I Corinthians 13 by replacing the word “love” with “God” since God IS love. It hit me, my son’s problem was huge to him, just as mine are to me. But my son’s problem from my perspective was no threat at all.. as I’m certain our problems don’t appear insurmountable to the Creator and Sustainer of all things. Yet, God is patient. We cry out to Him and our Abba meets us in the midst of our storm, lovingly bringing us the peace that only He gives. He doesn’t roll His eyes at our overreaction. He doesn’t sigh in frustration at our shortsightedness or lack of trust. He doesn’t shush us while telling us He has bigger problems to deal with. No. He treats us as if we are His only and most vital concern. Even when we are the ones who have created our own predicament, He is there.

When I cry out, “Daaaaaady! Someone mistreated me!” He doesn’t fly down from heaven and scold me with reminders of how He suffered more than I could ever imagine and for me to just suck it up and deal with it. Nor does He frustratingly slap a band aid over it, as I did, so He can get back to “more important things”.  He patiently deals with me where I am, slowly teaching me to be more like Him – not because He is a slow teacher, but because I am a slow learner.

Love [ God ] is patient.


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