According to My Righteousness…

07 May

The Lord judges the peoples; vindicate me, Lord, according to my righteousness and my integrity. Psalm 7:8


WOW! What a bold request! The Psalmist was pleading his case to be examined and for the Judge to declare him to be justified (in the right) base on his own actions.

Do I live that way? When I am wronged by others, the natural thing for me to do is balk at being treated that way and demand justice. But can I honestly cry for justice to be brought based on my being 100% without fault in the altercation? Am I truly loving people, even those who have wronged me… or maybe just find slightly irritating sometimes? Do I put other’s needs before myself? Do I behave with integrity? Or am I more like by children when they bring their plea to me and are asked what they did to incite the mistreatment, pause and then try to lessen their offense in order to exacerbate their offenders actions? Do I cry out for “justice” and hope I’m not cross examined?

If I’m acting in love towards others then this prayer will not cause my heart to skip a beat in fear of being found guilty; rather it will bring the assurance of my vindication.


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