I Wanna Stay In Here FOREVER!!!

26 Aug


This was the exclamation made by my 8 year old son from the inside of an emptied embroidery machine box. He was having a blast, using his imagination. That box had been everything from a house to a magic chamber and at that moment he couldn’t imagine life to be any better! We have this same mistake recorded for us in Matthew 17, made by Peter upon witnessing the transfiguration of Jesus. After seeing Jesus shine with glory, he offered to build three tabernacles on the mount which would have definitely taken some time (although not an eternity). At that moment, Peter could think of nothing better to do with his life than to build edifices to commemorate the event he had just witnessed. God, however, had a different goal to attain. There was a greater action to be done with Peter’s time than staying up on that mountain building tabernacles, just like there was much more in my sons life than to be spent in a box – although, with all his imagining, he couldn’t imagine that.

We do this as adults, our box is just much bigger and we’re deceived into thinking it’s not a box. We devote our life to what we imagine to be all there is to life. Whether that box is money, sex, drugs, a false concept of God, you name it; we proclaim, “I wanna stay in here forever!” And we do just that. When someone comes into our life and challenges our box-illusion we get angry. The difficult thing is finding what’s a box-illusion and what’s not. This is much more than saying one needs to find “their own truth”; it is asserting that there is a thing called truth regardless of who is viewing it. Truth shows us whether we’re living in an illusion or not. Truth can be hard – hard to grasp and hard to deal with – but that’s no reason to be happy with living in a embroidery machine box forever… not if you really want to live.

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One response to “I Wanna Stay In Here FOREVER!!!

  1. Deborah

    August 26, 2013 at 1:26 pm

    Love it!


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