Sabnock’s Sermons: Put the Fear of God in them!

25 Sep



I trust my revisiting the previous lesson helped you gain a further foothold in your church; you’re going to need it as this next lesson builds on that. I’m going to share with you what I have found to be the most effective tool in controlling people through religion of any kind – FEAR! That’s right, you get people afraid of something and they’ll do anything to avoid it. I’ve even been able to convince Christians to use fear of hell in their “evangelism” to get people to, as they say, “accept Jesus into their heart”. Shocked? Trust me, they’re not real converts, they just don’t want to burn forever so they jump through whatever hoop the Christian tells them to so they can have peace of mind – but they are no more a follower of Jesus than I am. I’m telling you, the surest way to keep people from following Jesus is to give them a false one and convince them that following that one is right.

Anyway, fear is the next thing to implement. Use it to secure your progress. Convince the pastor that he has to put “the fear of God” into his people or else they will go astray. Oh, and Xaphan, as you should know by now, whenever I use any phrase that’s in their bible I’m loading it with my own meaning. The phrase itself is powerful as for some reason churchy-lingo is more effective and getting these poor saps to swallow hook. You will find fear to be beneficial in many ways.


Use fear to keep them from questioning. This is of utmost necessity. If they begin to honestly question the veracity of most of the things being taught they will begin to weed out the false teachings you’re trying to propagate and your efforts will be futile. A healthy dose of fear will cause them to blindly follow whatever is said by any preacher they idolize. Make certain they feel that if they question things they will be on the slippery slope of liberalism and possibly end up denying their faith. Also they fear the possibility of the pastor thinking they aren’t spiritual or being labeled as doubters or divisive so they will “go with the flow”. This will keep them from even considering the things they are being told might not be true.

Use fear to keep them obeying. Fear is the perfect motivator, and seeing as their culture is already rife with it, you should have no problem bringing it into the church. You should have no problem manipulating the pastor into using this. The angle I took was this thought process: “You love your people, and thus want them to live godly lives. They have to know the bad consequences of not living right, for if they don’t understand the negative consequences then they will have no motivation for obedience.” Now, you’ve already been working on getting him to overemphasize unimportant ideas and even make up a few on his own; so convincing him that he needs to set up rules to make sure his people don’t go anywhere near the edge and tell them that keeping his rules is godly should be no problem. Convince him that the only way to ensure they live godly is to scare the hell out of them. This is where the fear comes in. Like this, “You’ve gott’a tithe! You can’t afford NOT to tithe. I know one person who didn’t tithe and the next week they had two flat tires that costs the exact amount of the tithe they didn’t give. GOD WILL GET HIS DUE!” HAHAHA! See that?! FEAR! Works wonders! I love using the ol’ “it all starts with the music” bit. Get them to believe that if they change one small thing, like listening to music with drums in it, then the next thing they know is they’ll be denying God’s Word is true and use other versions of the Bible and then their kids will probably grow up to be drunks or homosexuals! (this is like the ultimate curse for them because they seem to think homosexuality is some sort of final stage of reprobation as opposed to the “lesser” sins of lying or gluttony).

I could think of more ways to use fear, but I think you get the point. Fear keeps them cowering under the weight of any false teaching you want to throw at them. Fear keeps them from truth. Their Jesus told them not to fear and the truth would set them free. Your job is to keep them afraid, this will keep them from the truth.

I wish you luck.

Now go, and “Put the fear of God into ‘em!” HAHAHAHAH!!!!



 PS. I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but I’m getting many of my ideas from their own book. If it warns them of it, then we just have to find a way to get them to do it. You need to familiarize yourself with that book. Lucifer is a master at quoting it against them. Oh, to be like him!! Maybe one day, son, maybe one day. In the mean time, keep them like this:




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2 responses to “Sabnock’s Sermons: Put the Fear of God in them!

  1. susanne430

    September 26, 2013 at 8:13 am

    good one!

  2. Anthony Baker

    September 26, 2013 at 10:43 am

    I preach that “the love of Christ contstraineth us…” (2 Cor. 5:14). Do I fear God? I would be a fool if I didn’t. But like as with Aslan, though a lion who swallows cities whole, He is is not tame, but He is good.


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