“My milkshake is better than yours”

08 Oct


We all have this attitude.. the thing we like is superior to all opposing affinities. While this makes for good advertising, it makes for a horrible Christianity.

I can’t tell you how many “My milkshake is better than your’s” sermons I’ve heard over the years. Or how many times I’ve had that mentality in dealing with other Christians. This is a mentality that we are all guilty of having or in grave danger of developing. As believers, we have pet “beliefs” or “standards” about things. Quite naturally we do, or do not do, these things with a heart of desiring to honor God through our actions. ‘Nothing wrong with that at all. But we run into a problem when another believer, who claims to love God, has no problem doing (or not doing) the very thing we don’t do (or do.. respectively). We begin to question that person’s devotion to God. The suit wearer looks at the casually dressed church attending Christian and figures that the casual wear Christian just doesn’t have a high view of God. The Christian who enjoys a good Merlot with his/her meal, assumes the Christian who abstains from consuming wine is a weak-minded legalist.

This problem is nothing new to the church. Paul addresses it in Romans 14, telling the church that each man/woman gives an account to God, and has the freedom to live according to their conscience before Him on issues that are what we call “gray areas”. So when it comes to these gray areas, think of them as flavors of milkshakes. Some may prefer Chocolate while the brother/sister two pews down prefers Strawberry. And remember, when we fight over these biblically un-addressed areas of life, we are just as foolish as the two guys look doing whatever it was they were doing to those poor cows!


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