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Keeping Israel in the Gospel

   I was raised to believe that there is a marked distinction between Israel and the church. Not merely that they are slightly different in some aspects, but rather they are two separate entities. I was instructed to hold the distinction so markedly that it was to essentially believe that God has two separate “peoples”: Israel, and then a side group called the church. Like many things I was taught to believe, I questioned in light of Scripture and I no longer hold that position. I do find it interesting that I was taught to believe that God had temporarily set Israel aside and is working through the church for a while and will pick Israel up again later; now that I no longer hold to that dispensational ideology those very people who essentially believe in a “temporary” supersessionism (the church replaces Israel) accuse me of believing supersessionism, which I do not. My primary aim is to lay out why I do not believe any form of supersessionism, and hopefully assist in clearing up a misconception that is propagated in dispensational circles, many times as a ploy to keep people from studying the Scriptures on this matter. Many a child has been confined to their bed by the fear of the imagined monster in the closet (or underMonster-Closet the bed, or behind the coat on the door, etc). It is my aim here to show that there actually is no “monster” and thus dispel the fear that may keep children of God confined to their dispensationalism. If one chooses to be a dispensationalist then it should be because they are convinced by Scripture, not a default stance they hold out of fear of being a heretic by believing/examining another perspectives. Also, this is not meant to be exhaustive, merely an exercise to show that a Covenantal view of Scriptures does not necessitate taking a “replacement” view of Israel… quite the opposite, actually. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dude, You’re Missing The Point!


My oldest son was watching this commercial while we were in a restaurant. He had seen it before and he laughed when it came on as he exclaimed, “Look! The commercial where the man is running after the boy like, ‘Hey, Give me my taco back!’” It was obvious that although he had seen this commercial multiple times; and I wanted to say, “Dude, you’re missing the point!” (That wasn’t the time or place.) He was seeing the same things I was seeing, and hearing the same things I was hearing, but the real message was missed by him. Why? Because he didn’t understand the meaning of the phrase, “Her parents came home early”. See, in his world, the real meaning of that phrase doesn’t compute. Due to this he unknowingly supplies his own context and meaning to make sense of the commercial. The thought of two young people engaging in physical contact that would set the daughter’s loving father on the war path never even crosses his mind. So the clear meaning of the commercial is that the grown man came home early and walked in on the kids eating his Taco Bell food, now he is chasing the boy out of the house trying to recover the meal.

   We may laugh, but that is exactly what has happened in many of our churches. Read the rest of this entry »

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