We Need To Have A Talk

27 Jul


There are many different points of views within the body of Jesus on a variety of topics; so much so that there is a ton of ink spilled, both from the inkwell and the ink cartridge, than most would care to read in it’s entirety. Some devote their lives to studying it and some of those have begun the task only to give up out of desperation. All this disagreement is within the group who are a family; a group who all is to be following the teachings of one Man – Jesus the Messiah. These disagreements can get pretty nasty at times. But disagreements aren’t just within the group of people who follow the teaching of Jesus, but are also had between those who claim to follow Jesus and those who do not.

These disagreements are not to be avoided. But I think it may be a good idea for believers to reevaluate how these disagreements should be handled. Through the years, the way I’ve seen these disagreements handled (both the ones within the church community, as well as the ones between the church and the non-church community) have merely been shouting matches where each side incessantly yells the other side is wrong/hateful/stupid/persecuting/ignorant/devilish, etc. While this is somewhat more understandable by those not under the banner of “Christian”, it is abhorrent by Christians. We are the ones who are claiming to follow The Messiah – the man Who personified love. We are those who claim to be guided by a book that instructs us to love our enemy, and speak the truth in love. So for us to come to the table with a total unwillingness to try to understand the other side (not that we must agree with the other view in order to understand it); but in order to have meaningful, intelligent, and kind dialogue with other perspective we must come humbly, admitting the possibility that we could be the ones needing to adjust our understanding of an issue a bit. I believe we will have more influence and be taken a bit more seriously if this is done.

We need to have a talk, but before this is done, we need to learn how it is to be had.



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2 responses to “We Need To Have A Talk

  1. susanne430

    July 27, 2014 at 1:05 pm

    great post…thank you

  2. Anthony Baker

    July 28, 2014 at 8:46 am

    Agreed. I’m right on this 😉


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