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The Table of The LORD

I just ended a weekend men’s conference at The Cove in Ashville, NC. I enjoyed a wonderful weekend of fellowship with my dad and another gentleman from the church I grew up in. The music was wonderful and the messages were encouraging; but none of that was the highlight of the weekend. The highlight was the Eucharist that we all partook of at the conclusion of the 3 day retreat. The drama we all lived out in that moment was phenomenal. It was something I had never experienced before as I partook of communion. Read the rest of this entry »

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Despising Love

It’s pre-bedtime, and Zechariah has decided it is time to act like Ghost Rider. Whipping his shirt-now-turned-flaming chain around above his head, he slams it on the ground an yells, “Hell Fire!” Well, that doesn’t sit too well with mom, so she tells him to stop saying that. What follows next? A shirt-spin, floor slam, and a foreboding, “Hell Fire!” Well, that wasn’t a kid merely forgetting that he had been told to stop, he just out right disregarded his mom. So I calmly called him over, let him know that he had disobeyed his mom, and disciplined him. Afterwards, I pulled him close and placed him in my lap as I was explaining to him that no one is angry with him. But he made it abundantly clear that he didn’t want to be near me. He stiffened every muscle he had and pulled away from me. I hugged him and let him go brush his teeth.

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How God Organizes People for Effective Action

As Protestants we shout with the reformers, “Sola Scriptura!” We profess to hold to the Bible alone as our only rule of faith and practice, yet in the area of organization of church and ministry we have forsaken Scripture in attempts to appeal to contemporary culture and meet its needs. This essay takes a brief look at the biblical model for ministry and suggests how that model would manifest itself in creating an atmosphere for learning and growth in the contemporary culture. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Easter Tree (cont.)

We are almost to Good Friday. About twenty days ago I mentioned something our family was doing to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus this year utilizing a Christmas tree and Easter eggs. Have worked our way through the first 14 chapters of John and the boys and I have walked through much of what John has recorded about the life of Jesus. I am thrilled as they recite the “I AM” statements of Jesus and that whoever believes in Him has eternal life! They listen to the stories in anticipation of what awaits them upon the completion of the reading and questions. Eater eggs! They get an egg off the tree and it contains a prize ranging from candy to a hot wheel car. The gift just serves to make it exciting for them. They beg me to read about Jesus to them, and they’re showing evidence that the stories are sticking with them. May God work and drive it deep in their hearts. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Easter Tree

If you think I’m pagan, just wait until you hear of the new thing my boys are all excited about – the Easter Tree! *GASP*

Yeah, that’s right! For those of you who protest the Christmas tree because of it’s possible pagan origins and detest the Easter egg due to its also being borrowed from pagan symbolism meet, the Easter Tree! Read the rest of this entry »


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Relationships are like Vehicles

Yesterday I spent about $287.00 on my Honda Odyssey. Don’t get me wrong, I love my van. I never thought I’d say that, but it’s true! I like it way better than the ’03 Ford Explorer XLT that I had previously. The only vehicle that still holds a place on my list of vehicle love is my very first – ’86 Toyota Tercel straight drive. The CD player was worth more than the car itself. Ahhhhhh… oh! Where was I? Oh yeah!
I love my van. The problem is that it doesn’t repair itself. I have to change the oil, replace the brakes, tires, change the transmission fluid, seemingly ad infinitum. If I didn’t do these things, the vehicle would run well for a while, but eventually things will begin to break, which cause other things to break, and before long I no longer have a vehicle but something more akin to hell-on-wheels. One has to maintain their vehicle if they want it to function properly and for any length of time. Read the rest of this entry »


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Interracial Marriage:


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