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We Need To Have A Talk


There are many different points of views within the body of Jesus on a variety of topics; so much so that there is a ton of ink spilled, both from the inkwell and the ink cartridge, than most would care to read in it’s entirety. Some devote their lives to studying it and some of those have begun the task only to give up out of desperation. All this disagreement is within the group who are a family; a group who all is to be following the teachings of one Man – Jesus the Messiah. These disagreements can get pretty nasty at times. But disagreements aren’t just within the group of people who follow the teaching of Jesus, but are also had between those who claim to follow Jesus and those who do not. Read the rest of this entry »


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Did you hear about that time Jesus went off on Ceasar’s political policies?


Well if you haven’t heard, the American Government shutdown. Yep! Sure did! Well, I think at least one department didn’t shut down – the complaint department. At least, judging by comments on social media, that’s the conclusion one would have to draw. The thing I noticed was the tenor of the comments from my Christian brothers and sisters regarding this political matter. I just want to offer a few thoughts on that particular point. Read the rest of this entry »


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